The Symmetrist

The Symmetrist™ is a hands-on training tool used to teach essential principles and techniques in the practice of breast surgery.


Who Benefits from Use of The Symmetrist

Students, residents, fellows and surgeons in practice can all benefit from cultivating a deeper understanding of the unique aspects of breast size, shape and symmetry. But, most importantly, it is the patients who will ultimately reap the benefit of this unique training tool. The Symmetrist is designed to help surgeons and others view the breast with a new perspective. Through this learning process, the importance of improved surgical outcomes rises to the forefront. This innovative teaching tool helps surgeons to understand, visualize and relate to the 3-dimensional relationships within the breast which become disrupted with any type of breast surgery – regardless of how big or small the procedure may be. Achieving the best possible aesthetic outcomes following breast surgery and reconstruction is an essential fundamental underlying principle that all surgeons must integrate into their practice. The Symmetrist is designed to create a learning experience different from all others, thus solidifying the importance of striving for excellence.

Learning Objectives

The Symmetrist Mammo Model & Workshop 

  • The importance of 3-dimensional anatomic relationships as they relate to surgical planning in breast surgery
  • How to enhance your observational skills when judging symmetry of the breasts and how best to avoid creating deformities
  • Oncoplastic approach to surgical planning and breast preservation
  • How to achieve better surgical outcomes while preserving symmetry