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“The School of Oncoplastic Surgery helped us transform breast cancer care in Western India. After attending several SOS conferences, we launched three fully-integrated breast cancer centers in our region and founded the Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, which today serves approximately 30,000 cancer patients, offering free or affordable diagnosis and treatment. We have also trained over 500 surgeons in oncoplastic surgery techniques, and are incredibly proud that we now have a 70% breast conservation rate in India.”

— Dr. Anand Koppiker

The Oncoplastic Surgery Movement

Oncoplastic surgery is considered the most advanced form of breast cancer surgery, combining traditional surgical techniques with plastic and reconstructive methods to achieve the best possible results. Training surgeons to utilize these techniques has a direct benefit for patients, which include:

  • Greater opportunity to offer breast-conserving surgery in a higher proportion of patients.
  • Wider surgical margins around the tumor, which results in the need for fewer repeat surgeries (re-excisions), decreased chances for secondary mastectomies and, in the appropriate patients, we can liminate the need for radiation.
  • Lower need for complex breast reconstructions, which often require multiple surgeries.
  • Less time under anesthesia.
  • Faster recovery time, with patients returning to activity (work and hobbies) more rapidly.
  • Increased patient satisfaction and vastly improved quality of life.
  • Cost savings for the patient and the medical system as oncoplastic surgery only requires one surgeon and one procedure.

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