The Society of Oncoplastic Surgery Announces its First Board of Directors

Prestigious international board to support nonprofit’s efforts to expand its services and broaden its reach globally

Reno, NV (Feb. 6) — The Society of Oncoplastic Surgery (SOS), most notable known for The School of Oncoplastic Surgery, announced today it has named its first board of directors, following its recent move to become a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with a mission of educating clinicians and the public at large about this multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive, compassionate cancer care.

The international board, which is comprised of accomplished board-certified pioneers in oncoplastic surgery, will help the organization expand its reach and programming in the U.S., Asia Pacific, South America and Europe.

“We are honored and pleased to welcome this dynamic, inspiring and seasoned team to our board of directors,” said Gail Lebovic, MD, founder of the SOS. “As our organization continues to grow, our board will play an active role in helping us develop and solidify new partnerships and launch new global programs that will greatly help surgeons continue to improve their skills and provide exceptional patient care.”

The SOS board of directors includes:

  • Joel Aronowitz, MD
  • Laleh Busheri, CEO of the Prashanti Cancer Care Mission center in India
  • Mauricio Costa, MD
  • Michael Cross, MD
  • Fred Dirbas, MD
  • Linda Han, MD
  • Daryl Hoffman, MD
  • David Hyams, MD
  • David Kaufman, MD
  • Anand Koppiker, MD
  • Gail Lebovic, MD
  • Barbara Rabinowitz
  • Cicero Urban, MD
  • Gustavo Zucca-Matthes, MD
  • Hilary Shapiro-Wright, MD

“We are honored that this cohort of accomplished physicians are joining us to support our mission. They will have a profound impact on advancing breast cancer care and therefore patient care,” Lebovic said.

Creating this impressive board is just the next step in SOS’ robust schedule of activities, building on the recently launched Hand to Hand surgical mentoring program, expanding its world-class courses for surgeons and developing a full suite of online educational tools.

About the Society of Oncoplastic Surgery and Dr. Lebovic

The Society of Oncoplastic Surgery (SOS), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, was founded in 2007 by Gail Lebovic, MD, with a grant from the Mary Kay Foundation. Widely regarded as the leading oncoplastic surgery program, SOS focuses on a multidisciplinary and practical “hands-on” approach to help surgeons develop the skills to remove cancer in conjunction with aesthetic techniques in order to reconstruct the breast at the time of cancer removal. SOS is proud to have trained more than 1,000 surgeons since its inception, who touch the lives of more than 200,000 women annually.

Dr. Lebovic, the first woman surgeon to bring oncoplastic surgery to the U.S., is an internationally known authority in using reconstructive and plastic surgery approaches in the surgical treatment of breast cancer. She is a prolific inventor and founder of several successful medical device startups focused on women’s health.

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