Global Summit 2020, a Success!

Las Vegas, NV — At this year’s Global Summit, we welcomed surgeons from over 10 countries, and from far and wide across the United States. Once again, we saw the signs of the influence and growing demands of the oncoplastic movement as the fruit of our collective labor.

The program continues to rise to even higher levels with the incredible expert faculty that are so committed to delivery of phenomenal lectures and their lab demonstrations of essential techniques. Adding in the inspirational keynote addresses made for a great dynamic with lots of interaction and amazement for the accomplishments that have been achieved. Case in point was the unbelievable noon address by Dr. Koppiker and his wife Laleh Busheri showing how their growing knowledge and expertise in oncoplastic surgery has been embraced in India. Their relentless work has benefitted hundreds of thousands of women in India – all starting from inspiration gained at the SOS many years ago.

We were also excited to launch the first Hand to Hand evening dinner meeting, a surgical mentoring program. At this first meeting, approximately 30 women surgeons participated in a dynamic discussion, sharing thoughts, ideas and opportunities facing breast surgeons in practice. It was a great start to a program that will surely grow over the next few years.