Educational Partners

The School of Oncoplastic Surgery was founded in order to help surgeons develop new skills they cannot learn in any other venue.
Our goal is to provide an in-depth experience for surgeons (many who have been in practice for years) to learn techniques in Oncoplastic Surgery. The course is structured as a “retreat” but is not meant to be a “weekend course – one and done.” But rather, it is meant to stimulate surgeons to embark upon an ongoing learning experience that will help them develop and integrate new skills and techniques into their practice over time and ultimately improve patient outcomes. In order to achieve this, we bring together experts in Oncoplastic Surgery from around the world who are dedicated to teaching surgeons how to blend the principles of surgical oncology with new “artful” skills of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
The experience is unique, and is continually evolving to offer new information with each course. Many surgeons attend time and again in order to continue expanding their knowledge and skills.